“Some people practically LIVE here …”

With a carefully considered mixed portfolio of locally cultivated plants, and an easily accessible location, Fantastic Gardens offers choice and convenience unmatched in Aruba when it comes to gardening and landscaping needs. We guarantee our quality in our products and people through our program called ‘Raiz Arubano’. 

Park. Meet. Shop. Eat. Drink. Get things done. This is the GREEN life.

We are open year-round and invite you to experience our passion for nature and its biodiversity. Our garden has the most beautiful plants creating the connection with nature by being a habitat for birds, butterflies and several other insects important for the sustainability for our environment. Start by browsing our web-site and visit our place where we can share our enthusiasm for nature and professionalism for the outdoors with you!

Have a freshly brewed coffee at our Frangipani Garden Cafe while browsing in our Gardens books to gather ideas for your garden! Ask for our ‘WE PLAN, YOU PLANT’ program for endless and colorful possibilities.